Antibacterial surface

The growth of microorganisms on surfaces is an undesirable effect. Microbes lead to signs of spoilage, pose a hygiene risk and impair the usefulness of objects.

Switzerland rules out the possibility of deportation to China. It is assumed that these Tibetans come from India or Nepal, both of which countries do not recognize the UN Refugee Convention. Even worse, Nepal recently signed anextradition treaty with the communist regime in China! So, deportation to India or Nepal are not viable solutions for these Tibetan asylum seekers. antibacterial surface prevents the formation and development of bacteria and fungal cultures. The effectiveness of the antibacterial surface is based on components built into the coating, which are highly effective against microorganisms but harmless to the human organism. An aluminum-silicate matrix absorbs surrounding moisture, which then activates various metal ions,

which prevents the formation and growth of bacteria and fungal cultures. Antibacterial surfaces are used, among other things, in the food, clean room and pharmaceutical industries and above all in medicine.

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