Research & Development

Rhenotherm has been developing individual coating solutions for decades and establishing them on the market.

Since 1970 Dr.-Ing. V. Eigenbrod, the founder of Rhenotherm, with the field of fluoropolymer coating. It has been and still is its ambition to advance development in this field. In the course of his work he has filed and received 6 patents.

In our laboratory, whose equipment is unparalleled, an 5-head team of development engineers works on the continuous improvement of our products.

The available analysis methods enable us to make targeted changes to coating systems and to determine their effects. In our application laboratory, the paints can be professionally mixed, compounded and applied. There are various application techniques available, so that an optimal layer structure can be achieved.

Timeline of state-funded research projects

19861993 - 19972004 - 20072006 - 20082006 - 20092007 - 20102009 - 20112011 - 20132012 - 20172013 - 20152013 - 20162015 - 20172017 - 20182017 - 20182019 - 20212021 - 20242021 - 20242021 - 20242022 - 2025

Our Portfolio

  • Field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-REM)
  • Melting Point Analysis (DSC) of Thermoplastics
  • Contact angle measurement & determination of surface energy
  • IR spectral analysis for the determination of ingredients such as binder resins
  • Tactile and non-contact roughness measurement using a stylus instrument
  • Adhesion testing and sliding friction measurement by means of tensile testing machine
  • Light microscopic analysis
  • Creation of 3D reconstructions of the considered surface by digital microscope with motorized optics
  • Creation of transverse cuts by means of cutting, grinding and polishing machines
  • Cooling finger test to determine the corrosion resistance

You will find further information about the listed analysis methods here.

Long-term and future-oriented research goals, such as the transfer of the lotus effect to coatings or non-stick coatings on CFRP surfaces, are realized in state-funded projects. Over a period of 2-3 years, practice-oriented coating solutions are developed and brought to series maturity. You will find more information here.

The result of our intensive and practice-oriented research work are some patented coating solutions and findings that we like to describe in the form of publications in various specialist journals.

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Trust the Rhenotherm innovation

The many state-funded research projects are certainly proof of our expertise in the coating business and, above all, of our thirst for knowledge. When you choose Rhenotherm, you choose continuous innovation that can offer your company ecological and economic advantages over the years. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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