Plasma coatings

Non-stick and traction

Since 1997, Rhenotherm GmbH has been the exclusive licensee of Plasma Coatings Inc., Arlington USA for Germany.

Rhenotherm hybrid coatings
A combination of inorganic hard coatings with organic non-stick coatings.

Patent Rhenolease® Lotuflon I, 1999

Inspired by the publications and descriptions of the so-called Lotus Effect® by Mr. Barthlott and Mr. Neinhuis in the mid-nineties, Rhenotherm tried to apply this principle to coatings. Through targeted structuring of the substrate and the coating matrix, water contact angles of 130 ° could be achieved. This hydrophobic surface consisted of a macrostructure superimposed by a microstructure. Unlike nature's model, the Rhenolease Lotuflon I system does not yet have a nanostructure.

Patent Rhenolease® Lotuflon II, 2011

A coating based on an inorganic hard material layer combined with an organic fluoropolymer coating to achieve superhydrophobic surfaces. The water contact angle (WKW) is <150 ° and the drainage angle is <10 °.

  • very good non-stick properties
  • excellent traction (eg: 400er, 900er, 12000er, 21000er series and Dragon Elite)
  • low frictional resistance (eg: 200er, 300er and 21000er series)
  • easy cleaning
  • wear-resistant surface

Products Plasma Coatings

  • PC 200
  • PC 300
  • PC 400
  • PC 900 
  • PC 12000
  • PC 13000 
  • PC 21000 
  • PC Dragon Elite 


  • lamination
  • Lamination of films
  • adhesive Application
  • paper processing

Application examples

For non-wettability by liquids. No wetting, but formations of drops that run off or run off easily. Also suitable for use to prevent wettability due to freezing rain (anti-ice project).

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