wire coating

wire coating

Cutting and welding of plastic foils, styrofoam, etc. with fluoroplastic-coated resistance wire.

  • Additionally optimized pre-treatment and adhesion-enhancing components resulted in improved 3 adhesion.
  • Improved non-stick properties due to new hi-tech PTFE system
  • Coating: Rhenolease MK II green, Rhenolease MK II gray
  • Layer thickness: 15 - 20 µm
  • Fluoroplastic: Teflon ™ PTFE
  • Max. Operating temperature: 260 ° C

Overview table of the most common diameters and ohm values

Diameter in mmOhms / m +/- 5%

These ohms values ​​refer to: THYSSEN CHRONITHERM 80 SI

Quantity delivered:
- 500m spool / box
- Packaging unit: 6000m in the outer carton
- Small quantities of 50m or more and different dimensions are possible

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