Anticorrosion coatings


you can PFA, FEP, ETFE

Anticorrosion coatings

For this we offer our patented coating systems Jumbo I, II and III in the area Corrosion Protection on. Until the development of the jumbo systems, fluorothermoplastic systems had a max. limited to 1 mm layer thickness. By the patented sandwich construction of the jumbo systems Even with difficult substrates, layer thicknesses of up to 2 mm can be built up.

Jumbo series

The coating systems patented by Rhenotherm in the performance profile
Jumbo 1Jumbo IIJumbo III
base resinETFE, partially fluorinated fluoroplasticPFA / FEP, fully fluorinated fluoroplasticPFA / FEP, fully fluorinated fluoroplastic
constructionpatented sandwich process, multiple layers with inorganic fillerspatented sandwich process, multiple layerspatented sandwich process, two layers of inorganic fillers
Layer thickness in μm1.200 – 2.000 1.000 – 1.200 1.200 – 1.500
coefficient of friction0,20,050,05
Tensile strength in kp / cm²410 to 470270 to 330330 to 380
Elongation in%190 to 220310 to 330150 to 190
Surface pressure in kp / cm²550450550
HardnessShore D 60Shore D 55Shore D 65
Adhesion values ​​(peel test) in N / mm12-1518-2018-20
Thermal conductivity in cal / sec / cm² xg / cm5,6 x 10-46 x 10-46,5 x 10-4
Linear expansion coefficient (23-60 ° C)5-9 x 10-58-10-53 x 10-4
Service temperature in C °-100 To + 100-100 To + 140-100 To + 160
chemical resistanceGood resistance to most organic and inorganic substances, except for highly oxidizing acidsvery good resistancevery good resistance
Resistance to radioactive radiationgutvery wellvery well
pore densitytested at 6kVtested at 6kVtested at 6kV
Non-stick properties in ° (water contact angle)90115115

Jumbo III in the diffusion test

Filter container, Medium: Benzene, Chlorobenzene, Chlorides, Operating temperature: 120 ° C, 3times higher strength than conventional systems

Information Construction recommendation

Performance data Rhenoguard® Jumbo I

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