For this we offer our patented coating systems Jumbo I, II and III in the field of Corrosion Protection on. Until the development of the jumbo systems, fluorothermoplastic systems were limited to a maximum layer thickness of 1 mm. Thanks to the patented sandwich structure of the Jumbo systems, layers up to 2 mm thick can be built up even on difficult substrates.

Corrosion & Corrosion Protection – In a nutshell

In most cases, the term corrosion refers to the decomposition of metals. The most well-known example is probably rust as a result of a redox reaction of iron in the presence of oxygen and water. In the meantime, however, one also speaks of corrosion in the case of glass, plastics and other building materials if the functionality of the corresponding components is impaired. Basically, a distinction is made between surface, trough, pitting and crevice corrosion, each of which describes a different characteristic in terms of uniformity and locality of the damage.

Corrosion protection refers to measures that serve to avoid just such corrosion. Our anti-corrosion coatings fall into the passive corrosion protection category. Thanks to their shielding effect, they isolate the material almost completely from corrosive gases and liquids and thus guarantee, for example, a smooth process flow when dealing with corrosive media.

Our anti-corrosion coatings: Jumbo Series

The performance profile of the coating systems patented by Rhenotherm:

The new generation of anti-corrosion coatings

Innovation is a top priority at Rhenotherm and we have also developed a number of coatings in the area of ​​anti-corrosion coatings, for example with our Jumbo series, which achieve significantly better results than previous systems. As early as 1986, we registered the patent for the anti-corrosion coatings Jumbo I and Jumbo II, which for the first time exceeded the layer thickness of 1000 µm through the combination of a high-melting fluoropolymer with a low-melting fluoropolymer.

The next patent, Jumbo III, followed in 2002. As an anti-corrosion coating that is significantly less susceptible to stress caused by particularly high exposure to chemicals or temperatures, Jumbo III is our undisputed leader among anti-corrosion coatings. Of course, our thirst for innovation is far from quenched and we continue to work on always being able to offer you the best possible coating solutions.

Jumbo III in the diffusion test

Filter container, Medium: Benzene, Chlorobenzene, Chlorides, Operating temperature: 120 ° C, 3times higher strength than conventional systems

Other information materials to the Rhenotherm anti-corrosion coatings

Here you can find more information about the Jumbo series as a PDF:

See design recommendationPerformance data Jumbo I

Sit up Corrosion Protection

We are experts when it comes to anti-corrosion coatings and would be happy to convince you of the advantages of our Jumbo series in a personal conversation. Rely on the latest generation of anti-corrosion coatings and benefit from our extensive experience and our drive for innovation.

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