This special sustainable coating can be compared to a film lining, but thanks to the use of a special primer, it has an excellent connection to the substrate. Fibrous additives give the coating the excellent mechanical properties of fiber composites. Coating with Jumbo 4.0 is therefore particularly recommended for highly abrasive applications. Switch now to what is probably the most sustainable coating from Rhenotherm and set an example on the way to more ecological production processes.

Key facts about JUMBO 4.0

  • Layer thickness up to 500 µm
  • up to 10 times the service life

It is suitable for the application on:

  • funnels
  • screw conveyors
  • Slides
  • and much more

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The sustainable Coating

You can find out why this coating is particularly sustainable here.

The most outstanding advantage of our sustainable coating is its inimitable longevity. Due to the up to 10 times longer service life compared to other coatings, you drastically reduce the number of necessary re-coatings or new coatings. With the Jumbo 4.0, our experts have developed a coating that, thanks to a layer thickness of up to 500 µm, is extremely resistant and at the same time retains its non-stick properties.

As a result, fewer recoatings and new coatings mean less downtime in your production chain and significantly lower set-up and transport costs.

The more sustainable the coating, the more efficiently processes can be designed. As a result, this is also reflected in lower energy consumption, which not only saves you money, but also benefits the environment. So switch to the Jumbo 4.0 sustainable coating, reduce your energy costs and lay the foundation for a more efficient and greener future for your company.

Anyone who consumes energy generates CO2 directly or indirectly. However, thanks to our sustainable Jumbo 4.0 coating, you can actively counteract the increasing CO2 emissions in many areas. Thanks to the sustainable properties, you reduce energy consumption and at the same time the associated CO2 emissions. In a world where corporate environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important, the Jumbo 4.0 is the right choice for you and doing your bit for a greener industry.

When it comes to climate protection, the term “ecological footprint” is often not far off. If this is comparatively small, a company is already acting in a more ecologically and socially responsible manner. A part that flows into this concept is the energy balance. If these deficits are found, our sustainable coating Jumbo 4.0 can be a way to counteract this. Due to the sustainable properties already listed, our coating is reflected in the energy balance with clear advantages. Rely on sustainability and tackle the reduction of your company's ecological footprint.

Make contact, become more sustainable

Make your company more ecological and contact us now for more information about our sustainable coating Jumbo 4.0 or send us your order right away. In this way you make an important contribution to the environment and at the same time benefit from a large number of economic advantages. We would be happy to explain the ecological and economic advantages of Jumbo 4.0 to you again in a detailed consultation.

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