Protect your parts without compromising on geometry and texture! Our nanoscale non-stick layer makes it possible.

This nanoscale non-stick layer can be applied directly to metals and some plastics without changing the component geometry and surface structure. Due to the low layer thickness, the component surface is not washed away by the coating, but retains its texture or structure. Excellent wear properties can be achieved in combination with a hard anodized layer or a thermally sprayed ceramic-based hard base layer. Porous ceramic surfaces are impregnated with this non-stick layer.


  • Component dimension is retained
  • Nanoscale top layer 30-50nm
  • Covalent (chemical) bond to the substrate
  • Pore-deep impregnation of ceramic layers
  • Plasma-sprayed ceramic layer, hardness > 1500 HV
  • Can also be used on hard anodizing, up to 600 HV


  • Deflection and guide rollers in the paper industry
  • gravure rollers
  • Ground and hardened knives and cutting tools


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