Application examples for coatings

Non-stick coatings Rhenolease®

painting industry

With the use of coated components, time-consuming and exhausting cleaning work is a thing of the past. The rhenolease® Non-stick coatings reduce paint settling and make cleaning fans, hangers, tubs or pipes effortless. Unnecessary damage caused by chiselling, scraping or scratching is avoided, thus extending the life of the components.


Fans, impellers, fans, paint stands, painting hoppers, gratings, centrifugal force, impact separators, various sheets, containers, trays, pipes, etc.

You save costs

  • the extension of the intervals for cleaning and maintenance work
  • the noticeable simplification of the cleaning effort and thereby shortening the time
  • Extension of the service life - no unnecessary replacement of components

Additional benefits for fans, wheels, fans

  • Prevention of bearing damage due to imbalances
  • Saving energy costs: hardly any adhesion = less rotating mass
  • Noise minimization and reduction of drone behavior

Coating solution: Rhenolease® MK IV blue

(In individual cases, application-specific sampling for specific customer components and requirements is recommended and accompanied by the R & D department.)

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