Application examples for coatings

On this page you will find an overview of the various possible applications of the different Rhenotherm coatings.
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Non-stick coatings

Rhenolease® "Nothing sticks there...."

Applying a non-stick coating reduces product buildup, extends cleaning intervals, and increases process flow more sustainable and cost-effective.


  • Excellent non-stick effect to prevent product buildup
  • Products / media glide better
  • Food approved (BfR / FDA)
  • Facilitated cleaning processes

Application examples

  • Containers (similar to pots and pans)
  • roll
  • Molds (injection molding, PU, ​​candy, ...)
  • melting tanks
  • baking sheets
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Conductive coatings

Rhenolease® "The (dis)conductive coating..."

This special coating series based on FEP was developed for easy cleaning and residue-free drainage of solvent-based and water-based paints and glues. Ensure a safe working environment, also when handling highly flammable solvents special additives in the layer, the one electrostatic charge the coated surface reliably prevent.


  • Electrostatically dissipative (ESD) with <10⁸ Ω
  • Excellent non-stick effect against paint and glue
  • Up to 200 ° C operating temperature suitable
  • Easier cleaning and extended cleaning intervals

Application examples

  • paint buckets
  • glue pot
  • container
  • Leimauftragswalzen
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Dry lubrication

Rhenolub® "The oil-free lubrication..."

The basis for dry lubrication (tribotechnical coatings) are solid lubricants. With dry lubrication, the solid pigments are bound in resin or binder and by a solvent.

Advantages of dry lubrication

  • Very low friction values ​​and low coefficient of friction distribution
    for a high process security
  • Easy release of screw connections
    u. Ä. after operation
  • Defined lubrication with high mounting safety

Bonded coatings based on PTFE, MoS2 and graphite form a firmly adhering, dry lubricating film with excellent friction and wear properties. They provide dry, reliable lubrication where greases and oils are undesirable or impractical.

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Chemical corrosion protection

Rhenoguard® "Nothing rusts there..."

To metallic material from environmental influences as well as chemicals and thus from corrosion zu protect, coating with a suitable anti-corrosion material is required in most cases. For this we offer our patented coating systems Jumbo I, II and III in the field of chemical corrosion protection.


  • Sustainable protection of the components
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis
    (eg hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide solution)
  • Reduction of adhesions
  • Extension of the service life of the components

Application examples

  • radiator
  • container
  • Stirrer for the chemical industry
  • Sight glasses and rupture discs
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Traction and wear protection layers

Rhenolease® Plasma Coatings "For the highest demands..."

To Increase in wear resistance For the highest abrasive stress, non-stick layers are combined with hard metallic or ceramic wear protection layers in this series of coatings.


  • Very good non-stick properties
  • Excellent traction (eg 400er, 900er, 12000er, 21000er series
  • and Dragon Elite)
  • Low frictional resistance (eg 200er, 300er and 21000er series)
  • Easy cleaning
  • Wear-resistant surface

Application examples

  • Lamination and lamination of films / packaging
  • adhesive Application
  • Adhesive tape and adhesive film production
  • paper processing
  • Pulleys, traction rollers

Products Plasma Coatings

  • Lotuflon
  • PC 200
  • PC 300
  • PC 400
  • PC 900
  • PC 12000
  • PC 13000
  • PC 21000
  • PC Dragon Elite
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Solutions for every application

Whether Rhenolease®, Rhenolub® or Rhenoguard®, our coatings always meet the highest quality standards and offer many advantages in your process plants. Let us advise you to find the optimal solution for the requirements in your specific area of ​​application.

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