Coatings for baking trays and molds


Intelligent non-stick coating for the baking industry

The coatings for baking trays and molds are individually tailored to the respective applications (type of dough / baked good). Thus, any contamination is prevented by caking and a simple, hygienic production ensured. It is particularly important for the range of lye pastry that no aluminum compounds are released during processing and go into the lye pastry.


  • Rhenoback I:
    Non-stick coating for standard sheets
  • Rhenoback II:
    Non-stick coating for bakeware
  • Rhenoback III:
    Non-stick coating for lye pastry

industry solutions

  • Bakery Crafts
  • Bakery production / wholesale bakeries
  • Manufacturer of baking trays
  • Bakery equipment

Rhenoback I: Non-stick coating for standard sheets

Non-stick coating for standard sheets for easy cleaning of scraps. Consists fluoropolymers with binding resins. Due to the non-stick properties, the system is particularly suitable for bread rolls and small bakery products; it can be optimally detached from the sheet after the baking process. Rhenoback I is ideal for use in craft bakeries and in industrial baking lines.

Non-stick coatings with fluoropolymers with binder resins

  • Layer thickness: 20-40μm
  • Operating temperature range: 220 ° C
  • Non-stick property: **

Rhenoback II: non-stick coating for bakeware

Coating system for various forms, such as baguette sheets, bread and cake molds. Rhenoback II consists of a combination of pure high quality fluoropolymers in combination with high temperature resistant thermoplastic material. Excellent non-stick and hygienic properties facilitate the manufacturing process and make baking more efficient. Especially in large-scale bakeries low operating costs and a fast manufacturing process are in the foreground. The optimal Non-stick properties and longevity of our products contribute to process optimization.

Non-stick coatings with fluoropolymers with binder resins

  • Layer thickness: 30-50μm
  • Operating temperature range: 250 ° C
  • Non-stick property: ***

Rhenoback III: Non-stick coating for lye pastry

The Rhenotherm engineers have created a safe and efficient solution for preventing aluminum in lye biscuits with Rhenoback III. The surface coating consists of a combination of high-quality fluoropolymers in combination with a high-temperature-resistant thermoplastic material and a hybrid compounding.

The system is very heat resistant with at the same time outstanding Corrosion Protection before lye and acid. Rhenoback III is the intelligent solution for all bakeries who want to produce fresh lye cookies safely and easily. In addition to outstanding non-stick properties, Rhenoback III prevents the reaction of sodium hydroxide with aluminum in the alkaline bath and thus the transition of aluminum into the dough. The complex use of release films is eliminated. The coated aluminum sheets are easy to clean and protect against caustic soda. With Rhenoback III you simply and safely insist on any "pretzel control" and avoid additional costs.

The coating solutions from Rhenotherm are regularly put to the test not only in internal tests, the products are also tested by independent institutes. For example, the alkali resistance of Rhenoback® III was confirmed by the Eurofins Institute. Read the test report under News.

Non-stick coatings with fluoropolymers
with thermoplastic as well Hybrid compounding

  • Layer thickness: 60-80μm
  • Operating temperature range: -40 ° C - + 260 ° C
  • Chemical resistance: very good
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