Dry lubrication


Dry lubrication

The base at the Dry lubrication (tribotechnical coatings) are solid lubricants. In the case of dry lubrication, the solid pigments are bound in resin or binder as well as by a solvent. Depending on the requirement profile of the dry lubrication, the most diverse solid lubricant formulations are created.

Advantages of dry lubrication

  • Very low friction values ​​and low coefficient of friction distribution for high process safety
  • Problem-free loosening of screw connections and the like even after operational use
  • Defined lubrication with high mounting safety

Bonded coatings based on PTFE, MoS2 and graphite form a firmly adhering, dry lubricating film with excellent friction and wear properties. They enable dry, reliable lubrication where fats and oils are undesirable or impractical.

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