Surface coatings for the industry

The Rhenotherm Group is a Service Company / Contract Coater for the functional coating of surfaces, eg. As for the requirements non-stick, dry lubrication, corrosion or wear protection. By combining layers of plastic, ceramic, metal or silicone develop and apply we have suitable coatings for a wide variety of components and applications.

Destruction of a frying pan - Teflon® vs. Rhenolease Jumbo 4.0


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The right product for your requirement

Coatings made of PTFE, MFA, PFA, FEP, PEEK, Silicone & Sol Gel for non-adhesive surfaces Operating temperature up to approx. 260 ° C. All metals, elastomers and plastics can be coated. Electrically dissipative variations possible.

Coatings made of MoS2, graphite, PTFE. It can be coated metals, elastomers and plastics. Electrically dissipative variations possible.

Coatings of PFA, FEP, ETFE. Antibacterial coatings. Electrically dissipative variations possible.

Plasma coatings
Coatings with the combination of inorganic hard coatings with organic non-stick coatings. Electrically dissipative variations possible.

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