The  Sol-gel coatings This is a relatively new coating technology, but it is increasingly establishing itself on the market. This makes it possible to apply hard, ceramic layers that meet a wide variety of requirements.

  • Non-stick coatings
  • Easy-to-clean coatings also for high temperature applications up to 350 ° C
  • Antifingerprint
  • Light corrosion protection

In addition to metallic materials, plastics and lightweight materials such as CFRP can also be provided with sol-gel coatings.

Sol-Gel Non-stick coatings in use

  • Food industry
  • baking industry
  • Slides, conveyors, rollers
  • Injection molding and molding production
  • Non-stick coatings
    • Typical layer thickness 20-60μm
    • Water contact angle 103 °
    • Pencil hardness> 9H
    • Authorization for food contact
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
    • Typical layer thickness 2-5μm
    • Water contact angle 105 °
    • Pencil hardness 9H

your way for sol-gel coating

You too can rely on the innovative sol-gel coating and benefit from top non-stick properties. We would be happy to advise you and discuss together whether our sol-gel coating is the right way for you or whether one of our many other coating options better suits your requirements.

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