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PFAS ban process: What you should know

You certainly haven't missed the news about the PFAS ban process. We at Rhenotherm share your concerns and would like to present our perspective and possible alternative coatings to you.

What exactly are PFAS?

PFAS, short for per- or polyfluorinated alkyl compounds, are found in many everyday products. The short-chain variants in particular can be harmful to health and have accumulated in the environment worldwide due to improper processing and disposal.

Where exactly are PFAS contained?

Fluoropolymers and the environment

Are all fluoropolymers, such as Teflon®, harmful to the environment? No, in fact, 96% of fluoropolymers meet the OECD criteria for “Polymers of Minor Concern” as they do not present significant toxicity concerns.

Why are fluoropolymers safe?

The chain length of the PFAS is crucial for the toxicity and mobility of the respective substance. Short-chain compounds with fewer than 15 carbon atoms are particularly mobile and accumulate in the environment and in the human body (bioaccumulation), not least because of their water and fat solubility. Fluoropolymers, on the other hand, with a chain length of more than 200.000 carbon atoms, are not soluble in water and therefore not bioaccumulative. They cannot be metabolized by the human body and are therefore non-toxic.

Why not replace all fluoropolymers?

A universal replacement would not be effective. There are many reasons why not all fluoropolymers can be replaced - from chemistry to the production of electric motors.

Our PFAS-free coatings

Regardless of the outcome of the ban proceedings, we already offer PFAS-free coatings for various applications:

  • Rhenolease® MK II-SG-5G:

    Sol-gel based coating, PFAS free. Ideal for PU tubs, transport rollers and cookware.

  • Rhenolease® MK I-SE-gray:

    Silicone/epoxy based coating. Perfect for sliding plates and adhesive trays.

  • Rhenolease® Lotusilk 11/LK:

    Metallic wear protection layer and polysiloxane. Ideal for deflection rollers and labeling systems.

  • Rhenolub® EcoGlide :

    Water-based anti-friction varnish with organic waxes, PFAS-free. Ideal as an assembly aid for O-rings and dry lubrication for rubber.

Understood everything? Would you like to test PFAS-free coatings yourself at home?

Do you want to be PFAS-free now? Take part in our short quiz, win a 15% voucher and have us coat your kitchen utensils PFAS-free.

We would like to point out that in order to coat the products, the handles and other plastic parts must be removed before processing. The coating processes are carried out at very high temperatures of up to 400°C, a process called sintering. In addition, it is not possible for us to coat the lids.

Now for the recoating!