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Novel, impregnating non-stick layers for
Anodized structures
Electroplating 6/20196/2019
Non-stick coating for rubber and plasticsJOT 1 / 2018Jan. 2018
Combustion Chemical Vapor DepositionVacuum in Research & Practice Vol. 27 No. 3June 2015
Non-stick coating - The frying pan as a modelJOT 9 / 2014Sept. 2014
coatings for technical applications
Vacuum in Research & Practice Book 6December 2011
New non-stick coatings for the paint industry
Better paint No. 916.05.2008
Bionics: structured non-stick coatings according to the
Nature's example
Bionics: structured non-stick coatings according to the
Nature's role model for industrial production processes
Press box of the Hannover Messe02.08.2007
Layers with lotus effectMM Fair Daily20.04.2007
Non-stick coatings according to natureProduction No. 14 Fair Special05.04.2007
Non-stick coatings for paint shopsJOT08/2006
Non-stick coatings modeled on natureJOT11/2005

Shift work: Rhenotherm has a lot on the pan.

The Teflon pan was at the beginning

The Chamber - Economic News of the Chamber of Commerce
Middle Lower Rhine
High-tech additives for
Improvement of the properties of fluoroplastic coatings
ACHEMA 2000 “Die Messe” - newspaper05/2000
Rhenoguard JUMBO III - One
Fluoroplastic coating as a compound system with built-in wear indicator
Chemical plants + process1998
Non-stick coatings for the paint industryJOT04/1996
Effective corrosion protection with fluoroplasticsChemical Engineering 181989
Fluoroplastic Powder CoatingsPress release Rhenotherm1987
Fluoropolymer CoatingsChemical Systems + Procedures Issue 51985


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