This is how cathodic protection works

In the event of corrosive attack, such as damage to the top layer (e.g. scratches), the zinc layer acts on the principle of a sacrificial anode. According to the voltage series of the metals, the baser zinc is preferentially attacked by corrosive media and thus protects the underlying steel surfaces from corrosion. Electrons flow from the anode to the cathode (here the metal to be protected) and prevent corrosion/oxidation by shifting the electrochemical equilibrium.

Our new anti-corrosion coating is a coating consisting of an anti-corrosion primer with a cathodic protective function, which is combined with a top layer of different polymers depending on the application. The anti-corrosion primer consists of organically embedded zinc and aluminum flakes and forms an electrically conductive protective layer. It reliably prevents hydrogen embrittlement, rusting underneath, surface and pitting corrosion.


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