Non-stick - non-stick coating

The well-known example of such non-stick coatings knows every household, for example, relies on the use of non-stick coated pans or pots. Such Non-stick coatingPTFE coating is heat resistant up to about 200 ° C - 260 ° C and ensures that no or only small food residues are formed on the pan bottoms during frying. Completely unavoidable are attachments despite the use of non-stick coatings usually not. In particular in Industrial equipment, which run around the clock, build up in the course of time attachments in individual places. However, the cleaning effort is significantly reduced. Buildup that would otherwise have to be scraped off surfaces using steel tools can often be removed after the non-stick coating with a simple cleaning sponge or a tap water jet. An additional heat treatment of the non-stick coating also increases the scratch resistance and thus the mechanical resistance of the non-stick coating. Examples of non-stick coatings include PTFE coatings, PFA coatings and FEP coatings.

Rhenotherm Kunststoffbeschichtungs GmbH carries out contract coatings in the field of non-stick coatings and is certified as a contract coater in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. Non-stick coatings allow non-sticky surfaces.

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