Cutting and heat sealing of plastic film, polystyrene etc. with fluoroplastic-coated resistance wire

  • Use of additional optimized pretreatment and components that enhance adhesive properties led to threefold improved adhesion
  • Improved non-stick characteristics thanks to new, high-tech PTFE system
  • Coating: Rhenolease MK II green, Rhenolease MK II grey
  • Coating thickness: 15 – 20 µm
  • Fluoroplastic material: Teflon™ PTFE
  • Maximum service temperature: 260°C

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Bisheriges System
Old system

Neues System
New system

PTFE Beschichtung für Draht

Rhenotherm quality control of coated resistance wire under the microscope using reflected-light method

Overview over the most common diameters and ohm values

Durchmesser in mm Ohm/m +/- 5%
0,7 2,765
1,0 1,355

These ohm values refer to: THYSSEN CHRONITHERM 80 SI

Delivery quantity:

500 m reel / box
Packing unit: 6,000 m per shipping box

Small-volume purchases starting at 50 m and variable dimensions possible