The basis for the dry lubrication (tribological coatings) are solid lubricants. By dry lubrication solid pigments in a resin or binder and one solvent are integrated. Depending on the requirements of dry lubrication a wide variety of solid lubricant formulations can be created.

The advantages of dry lubrication are

Anti-friction coatings on the basis of PTFE, MoS2 and graphite form an adhesive, dry film with excellent friction and wear properties.

They offer dry, reliable lubrication where grease and oil are either undesirable or impracticable.

Examples of use

  • Screws and screw nuts
  • Reciprocating knives, cutting tools
  • Friction bearings, connecting rods
  • Valve seats, cylinder liners , etc.
  • Cogwheels
  • Chain parts
  • Safety elements
  • Springs
  • Spring dowel pins
  • Fastening pins, carbon brush holders , etc.
  • Continuously coated welding wire
  • Improved coating system for heat sealing wire – English brochure
  • Sleeves and bushings
  • Lock parts

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Trockenschmierung (Beschichtung) von Zahnrädern zur Geräuschminimierung (für Cabrioverdecke)
Coating of cogwheels for noise reduction
(for convertible tops)

Injection pumps, Belleville washers, carbon brush holders, door lock, fastening pin, bearing race, outrunner

Coating of screws
– corrosion protection
– torque reduction
– optical identification

Coating of chain parts
– maintenance-free coating
– low friction coefficient
– good dry lubrication properties
– almost no applications require further addition of oils or greases
– extremely hard and precisely applied layers

Safety belt elements brass nut, anchor, coated with PTFE