Coatings on rubber / elastomers

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Coatings on rubber / elastomers

Coatings on rubber / elastomers

In recent years, in the use of O-rings ie O-ring coating and seals new demands and trends. Automatic assembly, a lack of silicone and paint wetting freedom, a reduction of friction in dynamic applications, as well as a chemical resistance are increasingly desired.


  • With our PTFE coatings we stay elastic non-stick in the coating of elastomers.
  • Durable, low coefficient of friction ensures safe and lasting Dry lubricating properties.
  • The porous one rubber surface is through our coating smoothed and
  • Surface activation with noble gases ensures best connection to the base material and guarantees consistent quality for your application.
  • outstanding Solvent and UV resistance, This delays the aging process.
  • Operating temperature: from -20 ° C up to 140°C
  • Layer thickness: 10 - 40μm

PTFE coating for O-rings

PTFE coating for O-rings for dry lubrication.

PTFE coating for elastomers

Rhenotherm coats many different elastomers with PTFE.

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