Rilsan® coating

Rilsan coatings can be applied to all metal parts (prerequisite: the respective components can be heated to the temperature required for the coating). Rilsan can be applied in different procedures. Vortex sintering process - Here, the components are heated so that the temperature is above the melting point of the coating material. When immersed in the Rilsan powder, the near-surface powder particles are melted. In the electrostatic powder spraying process, the Rilsan powder is sprayed onto the cold component through a live nozzle. In the oven, the Rilsan powder melts and a uniformly closed surface is created. In the flame spraying process, the powder is heated by means of a flame and sprayed onto the component while supplying compressed air. The already melted by the flame powder completely melts on the preheated surface and forms a uniform closed surface here.

Rhenotherm leads none Rilsan coatings off. Ask us for alternatives.

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