powder coating

Powder coating is a coating process in which a generally electrically conductive material is coated with powder coatings. The powder is sprayed electrostatically or tribostatically on the substrate to be coated and then baked. In advance, the workpiece is to be degreased well and, if necessary, treated with corrosion protection. Today, the baking temperatures, depending on the application, vary widely. Because of the burn-in a permanent adhesion (purely mechanical clamping) and a uniform dense coating is achieved, which is done partly by coagulation (quasi-sintering), partly by melting of the particles.
The powder can also be applied by vortex sintering. In this case, a heated workpiece is immersed briefly in a fluidized by means of compressed air powder made of plastic. The powder melts on the surface to form a plastic layer because the workpiece causes the powder to melt due to the heat.

Rhenotherm Kunststoffbeschichtungs GmbH carries out contract coatings with various powders.

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