flame spraying

By the flame spraying Various surfaces can be specifically processed and thus protected against corrosion and wear. Flame spraying enables different layer thicknesses and surface topologies to be produced. In flame spraying, a powder or wire spray additive is melted in a fuel gas-oxygen flame and with the aid of the combustion gases and an atomizing gas spun on the pretreated surface of the respective material.

In flame spraying, metallic or ceramic flame spraying materials are used, which as Wire or powder. Flame injections are related Coatings primarily for structuring the substrate and for improvement the hardness and wear resistance used.

Flame spraying with wire 

In flame spraying with wire, two metallic wires of the same composition are created by applying onepolarized opposite voltage and using a Feed motor guided through the contact nozzle at exactly the same speed. The opposite polarity results in flame spraying by touching the wires electrical arc through which the wires are melted.

The melted wires are atomized into particles and compressed by means of compressed air the workpiece is thrown, where it then solidifies, forming a rough layer of flame.

Flame spraying with powder uses fuel gases such as acetylene, propane or hydrogen and mixed oxygen in certain proportions. They flow through a nozzle, are ignited and form a flame in their Center of the coating material is fed continuously as a powder. 

The Powder particles are called up to 3200 ° C depending on the fuel gas composition The flame melted and hurled onto the surface of the workpiece. There  solidify and thus form a coating on the surface. Through an air cap, which surrounds the nozzle, compressed air with different  Pressure can be supplied, with which you can achieve different roughness when flame spraying.

Metals, ceramics, carbides or mixtures can be used as spraying materials for film spraying.

Rhenotherm GmbH is the exclusive licensee for Plasma Coatings Inc. in Germany and carries out flame spraying as a contract coater.

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