ceramic coating

A ceramic coating uses the excellent properties of the ceramic, such as high hardness and wear resistance, electrical insulation, low thermal conductivity and reproducible surface structure. Plasma spraying -> With thermal plasma spraying, ceramic powders or powder mixtures such as aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide / titanium dioxide, zirconium oxide and chromium oxide are melted in a plasma flame and applied to the sandblasted surface.
With the thermal plasma spraying of metal layers, good wear protection properties, non-stick properties and traction properties can be achieved, depending on the materials used. The layer thickness can vary.

Rhenotherm Kunststoffbeschichtung GmbH carries out contract coatings with ceramic coatings and is certified as a contract coater according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Rhenotherm GmbH is the exclusive licensee for Plasma Coatings Inc. in Germany

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