WE expanded our production areas. Start of construction September 2019

Good news: Since September 2019 we expand our production and storage space for you. Adjacent to our existing land, we will carry out further construction work. In the associated halls, we will expand our coating capacities efficiently and sustainably in the future. The storage area will also help us to further structure our warehouse. Of course, the construction measures have no effect on the current ...

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How does aluminum get into the pretzel?

Suitable for the Oktoberfest, again a variety of pretzels, Laugenbrötchen, pretzel sticks, etc. are consumed. During production, the pretzel pastry is dipped in caustic soda before baking. This creates the transition from aluminum salts to lye pastry. In our video you can see how aluminum (in baking trays) reacts with the caustic soda and so the aluminum salts get into the pretzel. The remedy - Our coating Rhenoback ...

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RhenoPlasma®- You'll bite your teeth

RhenoPlasma® the hard wear protection layer. Hybrid plasma layer with super-non-stick effect (plasma layer & fluoropolymer) Thermally applied plasma layer + non-sticking effect Much longer life than a conventional Teflon® coating Particularly suitable for use in abrasive applications Protects the functional layer With and without a metallic wear protection layer The result is impressive optical: While the sample (left) has large areas only with the PTFE coating, ...

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Rhenoguard® AS antibacterial

The surface coating Rhenoguard® AS reliably kills microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus cultures. The settlement and transmission of germs is reduced and thus ensures permanent protection against pathogens.

Non-stick coating for rubber and plastics

Temperature-sensitive plastic components or elastomers can be provided for the first time with a non-stick coating. The novel nano-coating has super-hydrophobic properties and withstands deformation.

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Development of a superhydrophobic and electrically heatable ice-repellent coating system.

Development of a non-stick coating for elastomers

The project was included in the funding program by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. We are pleased with the decision and will face this challenge with the help of our production and engineering know-how.

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