BMWi research project NiZiFlow² "Development of a cost-effective nickel-zinc double-flow battery for use as stationary power storage" Vehicle number: 03EI6059C

(Duration: Oct. 2021 - Sep. 2024)

Together with a total of 6 partners, including the University of Duisburg Essen and VARTA, the aim of this project is to develop a nickel-zinc double-flow battery that can be used as a stationary power storage device. In contrast to lithium-ion batteries, nickel-zinc energy storage systems have a secure raw material base, good environmental compatibility, low costs and a very high level of safety. Deposits of zinc and nickel ores occur worldwide and are not limited to a few countries. In contrast to lithium, zinc and nickel are therefore readily available.

River batteries based on nickel and zinc still offer considerable development potential and the associated market opportunities and can make a contribution to the integration of renewable energies into the existing power grid. Rhenotherm will contribute its expertise to develop non-stick layers for the slurry electrodes in order to avoid clogging within the battery cells. In addition, an electrically conductive non-stick layer is to be developed for the current collector plate.